Proud to be a Browncoat. (shaddi2003) wrote in camp_lyco,
Proud to be a Browncoat.

Something interesting...

...or maybe not...but it seemed cool to me.
Well...not cool.

Which could be cool.

I was watching this movie that just came out called "Enduring Love". It starred Rhys Ifans (Adrian from Little Nicky), Bill Nighy (Slartibartfast for all you dorks who saw Hitchhiker's guide...or Viktor from Underworld)...and was an all British cast, right? Filmed in England...and Samantha Morton (Minority Report) was wearing one of our Lycoming College sweatshirts in two of the scenes. I just found it very odd yet worth mentioning, as I don't know how it made it's way into the film.

Yep, so that's it.
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