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Hello All

Hey everyone. I think probably Lycoming is going to be the college for me. Went to the open house on Nov.12 and really liked the place. Been wondering what the students think of it, what's the place like from the inside. Little about me; I'm a senior living about an hour north of Lyco, I've played the piano for 12 years, and am hoping to major in photography and possibly something with teaching. Uhh, guess that's about it. Hope to hear for you soon. :-D
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Well, I'm rather pro-Lyco. I just got back from a semester abroad, and that made me appreciate Lyco even more... the place is really home like to me. Granted I come from a slightly dysfunctional family, and that's what the school is to me: sometimes you want to shake everyone involved in running it, and you occasionally get really sick of everyone knowing everyone else's business, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Just so you can know where I'm coming from, I'm a Junior, triple major (pol sci, Spanish, history), I'm in a sorority and several clubs. That's another good thing about Lyco: it's big enough to have things to get involved with, and small enough you can actually affect changes.

Though, I do have to say that my best friend is getting certified in Education, and really really hates that it is not an actual major. I've known some kick ass art majors come out of that program though!
Hi. Lyco's not that bad. It's not GREAT, but I really couldn't picture myself anywhere else. It's small, which is good because you have small(ish) class sizes and you can talk to your profs if you have any issues. It's big enough so you have a problem finding a good group of friends quickly. There's a whole bunch of clubs and organizations on campus and I suggest trying a few out. If nothing else, it'll look decent on a resume.

I really don't have a beef with Lyco other than with the administration and occasionally Res Life. Warning you now, the administration just loves to fuck us over as often as they can, especially if it means another semesters tuition in their bank account.

I'm a junior and a Photography major as well. The core foundation SUCKS, but if you get the right teachers, you'll get a lot out of it. Roger Shipley is a great teacher and you'll have him for 2-D Design and Color Theory. Take Tran for Drawing I because you won't learn a damn thing in Johnson's class. Take Stafford Smith for Photo and avoid Estomin at ALL costs, except for digital stuff because she's the only one that teaches it. Overall, it's not a bad program but it's a hell of a lot of work and pretty annoying at times. If you're planning on education certification, be prepared to be there for more than 4 years. You have to take a lot of extra classes for certification in PA and most don't graduate on time and it certainly won't happen as an Art major.

Oh, and about the whole "everyone knowing everyone else's business" mentioned previously, it's true. I highly recommend not doing anything incredibly stupid because it'll get around and get around fast. I think all of us current students can agree on that one...

Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Nice icon, I love that book.
Hey, I'm a freshman at Lyco, and I felt like the second I stepped on the campus that it was the right place for me. If you like a small college, you'll love the place. It's a really awesome school, and there's a lot of personal interaction between students and teachers. Although, the small-ness does also breed the fact that everyone WILL know your business. If you can deal with that, you'll be fine.

Are you thinking of taking piano lessons at school? Because I wouldn't recommend them. I've been playing since I was three, and I take from Dr. Boerckel, and it's miserable. Your $300 can go to much more profitable academic excursions. I promise.
Im from around this I guess Im more bitter towards this town then a lot of people but I chose to go here so I try to make the best of it :-)

Lyco is great and I honestly dont regret coming here at instantly make friends and its really like a community and you get to know SO many people. and SO much random stuff happens that its bound to be a good time :-)

Im a junior Psychology major and CJ minor...all I can say about Lyco is it def feels like home real quickly and it really is more like a camp haha

The city itself can be real boring but there ARE some pretty awesome restaurants and you can get amazing coffee at the local coffee and tea room....VERY cool place to just go and chill with your friends and they often have live music with some pretty kick ass bands....

soo yeah....I think you would def make a good choice by coming here :-)
I love Lyco. When I was looking at colleges, I was set on Notre Dame, but since I've been to Lyco, I wouldn't want to change that. I think it has the right atmosphere for me. It's small and the teachers are willing to help you (for the most part).

We do have problems with the cafeteria since we have new management this year, but I'm hoping that'll change. We'll see. When it rains heavily, the quad turns into a lake. It can be quite fun. And for homecoming festivities, we have jello wrestling as one of the events. There are lots of opportunities to get involved in several types of clubs and organizations.

As for me, I'm a sophomore double majoring in Theatre (acting concentration) and Psychology.
If you like a small school Lyco is for you.

1) Its small
2) Its beautiful
3) The new gym is kick ass. Just scan your ID and you have access to an indoor track, basketball courts, and a cardio room filled with eliptical machines, treadmills, and flat screen tvs. Oh and the weight room of course.
4) The cafe isnt too bad.
5) One on one with professors is possible.

Im a comm major minoring in literature.
Glad to see all the great comments, thanks. I'm used to being in a small school where everyone pretty much knows what everyone else is doing. I've grown up in a very small town and school. I've been down to Williamsport a few times and like the area, big enoguh to have things going on but not overly big. So the acedemics are good?

I just graduated in May with a degree in Art: Commercial Design. If you're looking to do digital art, Lycoming isn't the greatest place. They'll basically teach you enough to get by, and as someone who was looking to go into web design, the digital programs weren't that great. One of my friends who was also an art major was looking into a similar job as me, and we both agreed that the art department really doesn't have a great grasp on the digital world. One of the professors actually told me once in our Photoshop class she didn't want to teach slicing because we'd never have to use it. Meanwhile, I work at a design company where I slice every day. Eh, I guess take that for what's it worth.

Otherwise, the atmosphere is great and I loved my photo classes. Then again I had them with Danielle, and she was great, but she's not there anymore. Stafford is supposed to be really good, but tears into everyone's artwork no matter how good they are. So I really don't know who to recommend since my beloved photo prof is no longer there :o(

Roger is excellent. You'll learn a lot about crop circles.

I've heard mixed reviews about the education department, mostly like (as mentioned above) that education isn't a major in and of itself. Then depending on the kids they taught, my friends either loved or hated student teaching. So it depends what kids you're most comfortable teaching.

And... don't take piano. I've played the piano since I was five, and taking lessons at Lycoming made me hate it. You'll never get above a B, no matter which instructor you have. I took them for fun, not because I was a music major, but just because I like to play it in my spare time. Well, apparently my spare time wasn't enough time to practice and perfect a piece every week, so not much got accomplished. When I got an evil glare for not going to a fake student recital because I had to go to my senior art show, that was the last straw for me.

Anyway, pretty much everything everyone else said before me is true :o)
Hey, I'm a sophmore History Psychology major. I also hail from a really small town (I graduated with 80) and I love it here at lyco, one of the reasons I choose it. I can walk into my history advisors office at anytime and just joke with him, the professors are awesome like that. I don't know much about the art department, but Amy Golhany who teaches art history knows nothing of the subject, although, supposedly she is awesome with Rembrahnt (or however you spell that dudes name). Check out CAS, we're awesome. And honestly, don't expect much from the caf... the cookies are good, but that's about it... oh, the chicken noodle soup is good as well.

Lyco is a great school, I can't picture myself anywhere else.
Im Anti-Pro-Lyco...if that makes sense. I basically love it on some levels and despise it on others.

Im a 5th year senior, hence why i may hate Lyco. Here are my pros with lyco tho (some mentioned previously):

*Small Classes=Quality Time with most profs...most (that i have had) have been awesome, and always willing to meet with you if you have questions or comments
*Small campus: easy to find your way dont get lost in the crowd
*The people: for the most part, the people on this campus are friendly and laid back people. Of course you meet the bitches, snobs, assholes, etc. They are everywhere and a part of life.
*The clubs: There is a club out there for everyone. You can find something that interests you.

Now my Hates:

*The Administration/Education Dept: This is a main gripe of mine. Hence why i am here 5 years instead of 4. The education dept at Lyco does not really know what they are doing. They messed up my student teaching 2 times, told me i didnt have to have a class in order to get my certification, but then turn around and tell me at the last second that i DO need it, and tend to misplace my important paper work. Needless to say, i'm pretty pissed off at the $13,000 in loans i had to take out in order to graduate this year.
*The cafeteria: Sucks, gets crowded, same food ALL THE TIME. Nuff said
*Parking: Its rediculous...fighting for spots, parking spots are hell to get out of in the winter time...i could go on and on
*Certain professors: Just my experience (and everyone is entitled to their opinion), please avoid the entire math dept (well, youre gonna have to take at least one class), Lynn Estomin of the art dept, Karen Younger of the history dept, Kathleen Chamblerlain of the Education dept, Dr Wild of the Theatre/Communications dept.
*Some people: Youre going to deal with the people who think they are better than you, who have their own "cliques" (yes, they do exist to some point). But like i said before, there are a ton of awesome people on this campus!

But all in all, its a cool campus. Become a history major, were the coolest (hahah!)
Thanks for the insights everyone. Another question. Is the program where they help you to get into a good job throughout college as good as it's made to seem?
Well, the CDC is always there when you need it, and it's open every day. Trouble is....people just don't like to use it very often. I'll admit it -- I haven't used it yet, and I'm a senior. But, if you're looking for work during your college years, they put you on a semi-monthly email list & send you local job opportunities as they open up.

But, if you're thinking about being a photo major -- the main photo professor is tough as balls. He can really be a bastard sometimes (AND a pretentious prick) but, in theory, criticism is what makes your work better. I'm a photo minor, and the only problem I have with the Art department at Lyco is that it focuses on darkroom photography and not digital. Sure, darkroom is good to know...teaches you the basics...all that stuff. But, really. There's two digital classes, I think, and four darkroom ones. Hm..